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Our investigators are trained in several disciplines to include domestic, legal, insurance, and criminal defense investigations. Our investigators set the standard in mobile and stationary surveillance, comprehensive background checks, witness locates, written and recorded statements, and more. When you need investigative services, look no further.

Surveillance Investigations

Mobile or stationary, manned or unmanned, Investigative Resources has the surveillance experience needed to document the activty of your subject in the most effective and discreet manner.

Social Media and Internet Investigations

Comprehensive background checks, employment history, full social media profile, asset searches, data mining, and more.

Field Investigation Services

Recorded and written interviews, witness locates, process service, neighborhood canvass, scene investigations and photographs, accident reconstruction, diagrams, public records searches, and more.

Claims Investigations

An investigative provider with a strong background in the insurance industry is critical when deciding who to dispatch for your investigative needs. Our investigators (some former claims adjusters) provide comprehensive and timely claims investigation services and specialize in automobile, liability, workers compensation, homeowner’s and more.

Legal Support

We specialize in locating hard to find witnesses and subjects that make every effort to avoid litigation. Our process service methods are different than your typical process serving company. We offer full investigative support to the legal community.

Domestic Investigations

Whether you are seeking evidence you spouse in not being faithful, you are looking for hidden assets, or you are involved in a child custody case where evidence needs to be properly documented, Investigative Resources can help. Evidence obtained by a licensed Private Detective can be admissible in court and can make the difference when seeking a judgment in your favor.

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