Investigative Resources Investigators specialize in all of the following investigative services. Our Investigators have years of experience working on behalf of the general public, legal communities, insurance companies, small businesses, and more. All requests for service will be accommodated and all consultations are free of charge.


Legal Support


We specialize in locating hard to find witnesses and subjects that make every effort to avoid litigation. Our process service methods are different than your typical process serving company. We offer full investigative support to the legal community in the following areas and more.


Process Service

Witness Locates

Written and Recorded Statements


Accident Investigations

Civil/Criminal Investigation


Database Reports

Canvass and Surveillance Evidence Recovery

Court Record Retrieval


Insurance Claims Investigations


An investigative provider with a strong background in the insurance industry is critical when deciding who to dispatch for your investigative needs. Our investigators (some former claims adjusters) provide comprehensive and timely claims investigation services and specialize in automobile, liability, workers compensation, homeowner’s and more.


Insured/Claimant Interviews – Statements

Background Checks

Subrogation Investigation

Agency Ethics

Scene Photographs


Police/Fire/EMS Reports

Mobile and Stationary Surveillance

Social Media Investigation

Database Reports

Neighborhood Canvasses

Large Loss/ Arson/ Fire Investigations

AEO/COE Investigation

Alive and Well Checks

Activity Checks


Domestic Investigations


Whether you are seeking evidence you spouse in not being faithful, you are looking for hidden assets, or you are involved in a child custody case where evidence needs to be properly documented, Investigative Resources can help. Evidence obtained by a licensed Private Detective can be admissible in court and can make the difference when seeking a judgment in your favor.


Cheating Spouse/Infidelity Investigations

Surveillance (Mobile and Stationary)

Child Custody Investigations

Hidden Asset Identification

GPS Tracking

Evidence Gathering

Missing Persons

Internet and Social Media Investigations

Background Checks


Whatever your investigative needs are, Investigative Resources has you covered. Please reach out today with our contact form to discuss your assignment.